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Jaill: Brain Cream

jaillBrainCream_optPreviously Jail (one L), I imagine they added an ‘L’ so people could find them easier when googling. Anyway, I guess these guys are “psych-pop” (whatever that is). I would describe them as toned-down punk rock. The feel of the album is pretty upbeat, although the lyrics are a little darker in places. I’m not sure what else to say about this album other than I liked it. Would listen again. Would recommend to a friend. These guys eventually got signed with Sub Pop, and I like that they started recording on multitracks and recorded an early album in a bedroom with everybody wearing headphones and towels wrapped around their heads so they could hear their parts. Enjoy!

Recommended If You Like: Portugal, the Man; Avi Buffalo; Built to Spill
Recommended Tracks: 6 (Change), 8 (Little MSGS), 9 (Draggin), 3 (Got an F), 1 (Just a Lovely Day), 2 (Get Away)
Do Not Play: 4,10, 11 (too bad, littered with profanity)
Written by Paul Kline on 06/30/2015