Terrebone Lawrence
Photo Credit: Cody Boston

The South in Yo’ Mouth

If you are in desperate need for some southern comfort food, don’t pack your bags just yet. What you seek is right around the corner at Terrebonne Po’ Boys on 8th and Vermont.

Named after a parish in southern Louisiana by Carl and Carol Latham, this cajun kitchen has been operating in an intimate little hole-in-the-wall location since 2007. Battered, fried, and thrown on a bun, you can’t go wrong with Terrebonne’s classic po’ boys, of which, for such a small place, they offer a surprisingly diverse range of options. But, in my opinion, the real hidden treasure is the Cajun Corn Dog, a delectable andouille sausage fried in homemade hush puppy batter and served with cajun honey mustard. This dish, alongside some sizable hush puppies and savory fried okra, successfully sent me into a deep food coma that had me inquiring what year it was upon waking up.

Terrebonne offers unique daily specials, super dank shakes, and a host of snacks available to tide you over as your food cooks, including everything from peanut butter bars to wasabi deviled eggs.

Oh, would you look at that. I’m drooling again.

Fried Chicken Po’boy w/ Cajun Fries Photo Credit: Cody Boston
Cajun Corn Dog w/ Hush Puppies and Fried Okra Photo Credit: Cody Boston