1900 Barker

Breaking Bread Never Tasted This Good

As I walked into the building for the first time, intrigued by the rave reviews my roommates had been spinning for weeks, any sort of doubt or hesitation was suddenly replaced by awe. I immediately fell in love with the simple, yet beautiful layout of the latest coffee shop/bakery enterprise to grace the presence of 66046.

Pic21900 Barker (this functional moniker serves as both the address and the name of the café) offers a variety of homemade bread and standard, coffee-inclusive drinks. Coffee is served all day, but the real fun begins at 2pm when customers can find exquisitely crafted loaves of bread such as Utility Bread (made with Turkey Red Wheat from Moon on the Meadow Farm), Seeded Utility Bread (a slight twist from the original, featuring 9 whole grains and seeds) and Raisin-Pecan Bread (filled with golden raisins, Thompson raisins and pecans). Currently the bakery is only open on Fridays and Saturdays, but fear not – plans of staying open for more than just those two glorious days are in the works.Pic1

Survey says: come hungry and don’t bother with the butter. The delectable offerings of 1900 Barker will make you scoff at every lesser loaf of bread that requires butter to make it more palatable.