Shana Cleveland & The Sandcastles: Oh Man, Cover The Ground

shana-cleveland_sq-267cd2afa9e05461fd1158d4ead1d500c4431e5e-s300-c85Oh Man, Cover The Ground is the first LP by La Luz lead singer Shana Cleveland and her ever-rotating band The Sandcastles. To put it briefly, this album is Lo-Fi perfection. Nothing sounds out of place, Shana & The Sandcastles sound very tight. Most of the album was recorded in Shana’s basement in 2011 with little practice, so as to sound “casual and loose”, and it seems to have worked.
This album of songs about “dark rooms, water wind, stoned afternoons, sun in your eyes, sex hair, snacks, death, & the beach” is the most summer sounding I’ve heard this year. All tracks deserve air time, explore & enjoy.

Recommended If You Like: Sufjan Stevens, Folk music
Recommended Tracks: 2 (Holy Rollers), all
Do Not Play: None
Written by Andy Fiala on 07/15/2015