White Reaper: White Reaper Does It Again

white-reaper-coverEven though this album is called White Reaper Does It Again, this is their first album (they did release an EP last year). Perhaps they mean “makes good music”, if so, then I’m on board. Pretty catchy and fast indie rock overall. Called by some to be a “pure rock ‘n’ roll adrenaline shot.” Yeah, I agree with that. I could probably get a pretty good run out of this album if I put it on my running playlist. They also get good use out of their electric keyboard. No complaints from me about that! Also, maybe I’m crazy, but I think they sound a lot like Surfer Blood. Maybe both. Good stuff! Give it a listen with your ears.
Fun Fact: My ex-girlfriend is from Louisville, KY which is where these guys are from. Anyway, she’s actually good friends with them. Her dad’s even the one who gave Nick Wilkerson music lessons. Cool ehh?

Recommended If You Like: Surfer Blood, Ty Segall, Anti-flag ( a wee bit), Meatbodies, Together Pangea
Recommended Tracks: 2 (I Don’t Think She Cares), 3 (Pills), 1 (Make Me Wanna Die), 8(Sheila)
Do Not Play: 10 (Wolf Trap Hotel)
Written by Paul Kline on 07/21/2015