Inside KJHK Matthew Primovic

Inside KJHK: Matthew Primovic

For the second episode of Inside KJHK, the series decided to focus on Matthew Primovic, the Station Manager from the Summer of 2014 to the Spring of 2015. Matthew has been a long-running contributor to KJHK since its move into the KU Memorial Unions in 2010.

In his five years at the station, Matthew Primovic held several positions at KJHK before his reign as Station Manager, including roles as Programming Director and Production Director. As described in this episode, Matthew was a leading supporter in KJHK’s transition towards a focus on multimedia content. In the video, he also delves into the station’s role in the local music scene, as well as his participation in CBI’s 2014 National Student Electronic Media Convention in Seattle, WA.

For anybody wanting to know more about what KJHK’s role is in the community, and how to get involved, Matthew Primovic’s interview is for you.