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The Arcs: Yours, Dreamily,

the-arcs-yours-dreamily-album-cover-artInconsistency seems to be in vogue. At least with Dan Auerbach. His latest project, The Arcs, is an eclectic mix of players ranging from Leon Michels (for you neo-soul fans) and Richard Swift of the Shins. That said, Yours, Dreamily, is more or less the follow up album to Brothers if El Camino was more about psych and soul than pop – still just as predictable, but a lot more fun as a result. Some tracks on here are fantastic takes on western psych and soul. “Stay in My Corner” is classy as hell, with a refrain fresh with longing. The single “Outta My Mind” is a schizophrenic effort, equal parts innovative production and vanilla verse structure.

Black Keys fans will find a lot to love about this album in the style of Attack & Release and Brothers but the album as a whole suffers from the rushed effort (two weeks over four studios). Tracks like “Put A Flower in Your Pocket” espouse a lyrical laziness and philia for fuzz as to be disturbing. Look, it’s not a bad album by any means but if Auerbach wanted a new avenue for his music, he may have wanted to take more of a back seat. As it stands, this is a Black Keys album with some minor tweaks and post-production frills.

On a more generous note, the efforts at neo-soul are nuanced and well produced (not surprising considering the band members). If you are a fan of the genre this album may hold some interesting promise for you.

DJ’s interested in spinning up Yours, Dreamily, should be fine for the most part. Like most Auerbach projects the album has an even mix of psych-fuzz rockers and stripped down simpler fair.

Recommended If You Like: The Black Keys, The Heavy, Paloma Faith

Recommended Tracks: 2, 6, 10, 11, 14

Do Not Play: 12

Written by Matthew Kay on 09/09/15

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