Kansas Football: Where Are They Now?

As the 2015 season is underway, the Jayhawks are now 0-2 after a blowout loss to Memphis, with not much hope heading heading to Rutgers and then to Iowa State to start Big 12 play. Sure, we could wonder if this young KU team is going to turn it around, but how about we take blast in the past and see where former KU players are now.

Todd Reesing: If you consider yourself a KU football fan, then everyone should remember the Reesing magic. Todd Reesing was the QB from 2006-2008, which some may consider KU’s recent glory days. His scrambles that turned into huge plays still haunt Big 12 defenses. According to LinkedIn, Todd Reesing is now the Regional Director at Dimensional Fund Advisors. Unfortunately his great play at KU did not turn into a successful pro career.

Kerry Meier: The man who helped make Todd Reesing career as a QB/WR hybrid. Meier came to KU to play QB but lost his job to Todd Reesing. He ended up converting to a WR where his career was made. He was drafted 165th overall in the the 2010 NFL draft and has spent three years with the Atlanta Falcons. Like Reesing, he has not had much of a pro career either.

Aqib Talib: If you follow the Kansas City Chiefs at all, you definitely know where Aqib Talib is, seeing as he plays the Chiefs at least twice a year. He has been one of the catalyst cornerbacks for the Denver Broncos and is a 2x Pro Bowler. Before the Broncos though, Talib was tearing it up at Kivisto field on the defense, and even on the offense.


Chris Harris: On the other side of Talib, another great Kansas cornerback is Chris Harris. Harris and Talib are both Pro Bowl cornerbacks for the Denver Broncos, Harris being a little bit younger still has a long NFL career ahead of him.

As the Jayhawks gear up to take on Rutgers, just remember that it has not always been this bad. These four KU greats used to fill our Saturdays with joy, let’s just all hope that just maybe Cozart, Kinner, or someone else could do the same.