Homeshake: Midnight Snack

unnamedPeter Sagar, a guitarist from Montreal, has released a second solo album under his moniker Homeshake: Midnight Snack. This album is a mouthful, especially if you’re stoned with a bad case of the munchies. You stomach may still be empty, but after listening to this album you’ll find a different kind of satisfaction. The satisfaction of a good groove. Midnight Snack’s central sound comes from the reverby electric guitar and layered, octave defying vocals. If you’re a fan of the tone of Mac DeMarco’s guitar work, you’ll dig this; Sagar was Mac’s touring guitarist until recently.

Sagar does a lot of manipulation with his own voice, providing strange interludes of talking and delicate, almost goofy perversion of his voice where he throws things up a few octaves. This album has a lot of funk, especially in the guitar rhythms and in the synth. It’s slacker funk that at times sounds more rock, and at others more electronic. Check out Sagar’s first album, 2014 release In The Shower, if you find yourself moving to Midnight Snack. There are some tracks on the first LP that are undeniably groovy.

Notable tracks: “Give It To Me” was the only single for this album, and it’s damn good. Hard hitting bass notes from the synth, with catchy guitar rhythms. “I Don’t Wanna” is calm and smooth, with airy reverb filled vocals and lots of lush guitar. “Heat” has sweet synth that’s almost out of tune, just dissonant enough to notice but not annoy.

Recommended If You Like: Mac DeMarco, The Growlers, Juan Waters, Alex Calder

Recommended Tracks: 10 (Give It To Me), 2 (Heat), 4 (I Don’t Wanna), 6 (Love Is Only A Feeling)

Do Not Play: none

Written by Kayci Lineberger on 09/24/15