Lance Faegenburg

Off The Mic: Lance Faegenburg

Off the Mic

Lance Faegenburg

DJ Name: LanciferIMG_9198
DJ Shift: Rotation: Tuesdays, Noon to 3 and Thursdays, 12-3AM
Major Contributions to KJHK: Street Team and Music Staff
Major: Social Welfare
Favorite Color: All of them, no discrimination
Favorite Band: Pink Floyd, Rush, and Dawn of The Buffalo.
Hobbies: Camping, hiking, biking,  spin wool, playing with his dog, and making mead


Ethan Graham: As I like to start these interviews, what is your favorite color and why?
Lance Faegenburg: Oh, I like them all, I don’t want to discriminate. Red used to be my favorite color, I think because it was my grandmother’s.  Now I really don’t have one. I just like them all.

EG: That is a respectable answer, I also enjoy many colors.  To follow that up, what is your quest?
LF: To practice love.  

Lance FaegenburgEG: This used to be my last question but with me changing things up, it’s now third.  Who is your favorite superhero and why?
LF: Hmmm…years  ago there was a cartoon called The Flea, and that would have to be my favorite superhero, because it was so ridiculous.  

EG: Good reason, good reason. That might even answer the next one, what is your favorite childhood cartoon?
LF: Oh, the old Mickey Mouse cartoons, the black and white ones.

EG: The original Mickey Mouse, good stuff. Now on to some of my newer questions, what is your favorite 90’s jam?
LF: Hmm….. Strawberry.

EG: I didn’t actually think of that as an answer but good one.
LF: Beyond that I’d have to say anything by Nirvana, because I spent a lot of time ignoring 90’s music.  

EG: I grew up in the 90’s so it was kind of hard to ignore it.
LF: I was in that coming of age in the 90’s, we were in charge of the music and I said, “No thank you.”

EG:  If you were on a desert island and could only bring three things what would those three things be?
LF: A large boat, fuel, and some rum.

EG: Practical all the way up until the rum, but all right. What would you do if you were the the lone survivor of a Lance Faegenburgplane crash?
LF: Oh that’s a hard question to answer it doesn’t tell you where it crashed or anything, if it crashed on a desert island I’d go fishing. If it crashed in the middle of the city, I would walk to the nearest bar and drink the trauma away.

EG: Both good answers, I am not going to judge. What do you want to be when you grow up?
LF: I don’t want to grow up. I’m 44 and I’m saying that. I want to be a guy hanging out with people and my wife’s husband. I’m not a very motivated guy.

EG: What would be the title to your autobiography?
LF: Foof… that’s it.