tamarynTamaryn is a vocalist from New Zealand, now living in New York. Her third full album, Cranekiss, has the same dreamy, ’80s pop sound she’s known for. Semi-distorted, layered vocals over soft, electronic soundscapes give the listener a feeling of being surrounded. While some tracks are faster paced than others, the whole album has an upbeat tempo and an energy that makes you want to move and get things done. It’s brisk and at points heavy bass and drums give it an introspective feel.

My favorite darker tracks are “Intruder (Waking You Up)” and “Fade Away Slow.” Also, “Keep Calling” and “Softcore.” Super dreamy, happy ones are “Sugar Fix,” “Put Your Hands All Over Me,” and “Collection.” This album is similar to Lower Dens, TOPS, Depeche Mode, La Sera in the vocals. All songs are clean and are great for a radio set. Give this one a listen and see which is your favorite.

Recommended If You Like: Lower Dens, Dum Dum Girls, TOPS

Recommended Tracks: 7 (Fade Away Slow), 10 (Intruder Waking You Up), 6 (Softcore), 4 (Collection), 5 (Keep Calling)

Do Not Play: 3 (Last)

Written by Allison McFall on 10/21/15

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