Plow The Fields Presents: E100

“Life sucks, wanna jam?” – Glen Thomas

E100 live at Replay LoungeIf you’re in the mood for some country-fried, blue-eyed rock ‘n’ soul, keep your eyes peeled for a flyer announcing E100’s next show. This local power trio can swing and shred with equal ease, due in no small part to a rhythm section with as much experience backing metal bands as country crooners. The guitarist is no slouch though: for a while he was tapping out lighting-fast leads while simultaneously covering bass duties, thanks to a custom-modded Jazzmaster and an octave pedal.



Over the course of an hour I chatted with guitarist/E100 on the Replay patio. Photo by Peaty Romano.vocalist Glen Thomas and current bassist Jonathan Tennant about moving to town, finding their voice, and whether there’s anywhere else in Kansas worth hanging your hat (spoiler alert: not really).We preview some demos the band recently recorded with local studio wizard Steve Squire, and we even dig through the drawers to unearth some of Glen’s previous musical sins. Check it out!



“Too Quick To Be Cold” – E100
“Mayfly” – E100
“The Man Song” – The Roundups
“Drinking Song” – E100
“Black Sheep” – E100


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