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Lushes: Service Industry

00088454Lushes latest album, Service Industry, is not as bright and cheery as the cover suggests. It’s full of dark textures and sounds, and paired with guitarist James Ardery’s atonal talk-singing, it makes for a very depressing record. Originally from Brooklyn, Lushes is Ardery and drummer Joel Myers. Having recently finished a tour with Kurt Vile, Lushes’ Service Industry was also produced in part by Jonathan Schenke, who has worked with Parquet Courts.

A consistent theme in the songs is shimmery riffs layered over steady drums and fuzzy guitars. Lushes have a knack for taking a simple riff and using it to create an entire mood, like on the track “Low Hanging Fruit” and “Circus.” Overall, Service Industry is interesting and Lushes creates a lot of different tones. It almost sounds as though there’s a large, grey cloud hanging over it; with songs that might make you feel like either hitting a punching bag or hiding under a big blanket.

Recommended If You Like: Queens of the Stone Age, Metz, My Bloody Valentine, Suuns

Recommended Tracks: 1 (Low Hanging Fruit), 7 (Circus), 2 (Bleach)

Do Not Play: 3 (Auction)

Written by Caroline Roe on 11/16/15