Kansas Football: Being Bad Isn’t So Bad

We can now close the book on the 2015 Kansas Football season and the Jayhawks failed to win a single game. Frankly, I’m not surprised.

After going 0-3 in non-conference play my hopes for this young Jayhawk squad began to fade. Since Mark Mangino left, KU football has gone 11-60 over the last five years and that number could contunue to get worse.

Week in and week out, we’ve seen this team go out against some of the best teams in the country and get smacked in the mouth. Most fans can’t even stay in Memorial Stadium past the first half; but why do we have to look at this as a negative? Why should we sit around and wait for it to get better? Let’s bask in this horrific situation and look at why being bad, has actually been pretty good.

Every year when football season rolls around, KU fans just want to get through the long months until basketball season begins. I say try to enjoy this time off while you can. Kansas Basketball is one of the best programs in the country and because of this we have extremely high expectations. All of these expectations create more stress in our lives. When it comes to football, there is no need to stress because you know KU isn’t competing for a BCS bid or the playoff.

Could you imagine if they were? KU fans would have to deal with constant stress from August till March and I personally couldn’t handle that. Take this time off and stop stressing about when KU is going to be good again, and just go enjoy a football game. Let’s not be this guy:

Another aspect of KU not being so great is that we have the opportunity to enjoy being the underdog. No one expected us to play well against TCU, but sure enough this team showed they had fight. Those are the moments we take for granted. As a young and winless team it is hard to expect to win, but when they do it’s so much better. Everyone cheers for the underdog.

This team will be good again and that is something I can promise. It may not be next season or even the one after that, but it will happen. They have the coach, the players, the will, and all they need is experience. Enjoy this time of being bad because it may not last long. In the words of Ferris Bueller: