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Off The Mic: Danielle Peterson

Off The Mic

Danielle Peterson

KJHK Danielle PetersonDJ Name: Danielle Peterson
Exec Position: Arts and Culture Director
DJ Shift: Ad Astra Radio, Wednesdays at 7pm
Year: Junior
Majors: Information Systems Technology and Spanish
Favorite Color: Green but really likes Slate Blue in the winter
Hobbies: Working out, running, watching movies and Netflix
Favorite TV Shows: American Horror Story, Mad Men, Portlandia


Mason Kilpatrick: What are some of your hobbies, Danielle?
Danielle Peterson: I used to enjoy working out all of the time. But now I don’t do that anymore, which makes me sad.
MK: So you kinda just transitioned into “winter bod” and stayed there?
DP: Yeah, sadly.
MK: I think that happens to everyone.
DP: But my roommate and I are training for a marathon called the “Spartan Run” or something?
MK: What is that?
DP: It is at the end of the year and it is in Colorado. There is an eight-mile version and a three-mile version. We were going to do the eight-mile but we are doing it with family so we might bump it down to the three-mile. But it is filled with obstacles like going under barbed wire. It is intense.

KJHK Danielle PetersonMK: Woah, that is hardcore. When and why did you join KJHK?
DP: I joined KJHK in my sophomore year! I joined the Production Staff and Street Team staff. I wanted to join Sports Staff but you have to send a voice recording. That intimidated me. So I just did Production and Street Team. Honestly? I haven’t really talked about this much. I really joined KJHK because I didn’t make the club soccer team. That is kind of sad.
MK: Yeah, that is something you don’t really like to talk about.
DP: I used to play soccer in high school and my roommate was on the team. She really encouraged me to do try out. I really only tried out because I didn’t know what else to do. Joining KJHK allowed me to branch out and explore my own territory. I knew no one from the station or what college radio was about. But it was an amazing decision.

MK: How does one make the jump from club soccer to college radio? How did you know of us?
DP: Honestly? I was in crisis mode after I read the email that I wasn’t accepted to the soccer team.
MK: Were there a lot of tears?
DP: No. No tears. I wanted to cry a little bit. But I didn’t.
MK: Okay. Big girls don’t cry. Shout out to Fergie.
DP: At that same time though, I was working on my resume. And I had a freak out moment. I realized I wasn’t involved in anything and no one was gonna hire me because I lacked experience. So I googled clubs at KU. I read every single club and wrote down the ones that were kind of interesting. When I got to KJHK I remembered that my cousin participated at his college radio station in Florida. I also remembered that he absolutely hated it though. But I thought that I would try it out. It was two weeks after school started and I definitely didn’t fill out my application correctly. However, I got an email from Tom Johnson that I was accepted on both staffs! And my life was never the same after that. I remember reading his email too. He said, “Congratulations! You are now member of KJHK! Your first meeting is today at 4PM. Hope you can make it.” There was no transition. (Laughs)

KJHK Danielle PetersonMK: (Laughing) What are some your favorite memories or experiences here at the station? You jumped into it pretty quick.
DP: One of my first radio promo spots. It was awesome.
MK: What was it?
DP: The Local Music Block commercial, I think.
MK: Oh! The one with Psychic Heat in the background?
DP: Yes! “Can’t get enough of that rad vibe?”
MK: That played all the time and I had no idea who you were. So I would ask myself, “Why I am I hearing this five times a day and who is this voice?” I felt like I knew you. I was listening to you all the time. But I had no idea who you were.
DP: The old Production Director, Jerod Barker, pulled my aside after our first meeting. I seriously thought I was going to be able to fly under the radar for a solid two weeks and learn the intimidating equipment. But he asked if I was ready for my first commercial and he helped me right there and then. He stood in the hallway while I recorded my voice because I was too shy at the time. And he knew I was uncomfortable because I gave him a lot of awkward looks. It is one of my favorite commercials still though. So nostalgic.

KJHK Danielle PetersonMK: You mentioned the awkward looks you give. I have noticed that you give a lot of facial expressions to almost everything. When did that start? Have you been doing that since you came out of the womb?
DP: Maybe. I think it has really amplified since I came to college. I have had doctors notice it. In my last doctor’s visit, my doctor literally called me out for it. Professors and peers all say I have very honest facial expressions. I can’t hide it. But at least you know I am being honest. It makes it very hard for me to lie. Or just conceal what I am feeling. But I think it is a great quality to have. It is humorous! It just doesn’t work out when I am trying to be low-key or sneaky about things.