Skin-EPThis is not Jabril Power’s first step into the music scene, however the release of his Skin EP is his first solo venture. Being one half of the duo Abandon Mall Arcade, Power has shown his skill in lyrical advances and unique usage of vocal tones. Breaking out on his own for this first solo EP, Power teamed up with fellow musician Quinn Cochran to produce a new, wavy sound vision. Opening the EP with a vulnerable and open recording explaining what Skin is all about, Power lets his audience into this world filled with peaches, prayer beads and a vision of life being all worked out.

Skin is one of those rare pieces of music that flows seamlessly through each song to create a lyrical narrative and form a rhythmic tie between tracks; qualities that almost require you to listen start to finish. The mix of tropical themes in both “Window” and “Yes (ft. Aura)” combined with the slower track “Clarity (ft.Elias Abid)” build on the layers that evolve throughout the project.

This inspiring peek into the nature and style of Power is truly compelling. Touching on the intimate side of self expression, Powers departs from the more aggressive tone seen in the music he creates with Abandon Mall Arcade; it is an intriguing transition. Power hasn’t revealed all that he is capable of yet, making this first solo EP is only the start of what is to come from this emerging artist.

Recommended If You Like: KYLE, GoldLink, Monte Booker

Recommended Tracks: 2 (Window), 3 (Clarity), 5 (Yes ft. Aura)

Do Not Play: None

Written by Caitlyn Porter on 01/11/16