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Cooking Up Trouble: Exclusive Stories from Free State Story Slam

Free State Story Slam started off the new semester with a bang on January, 15, with ‘Toys’ as the theme. The event takes place once a month at the Lawrence Arts Center, beginning with live music that leads into an evening of stories from some of the greatest raconteurs on this side of the Missouri River.

One of the largest crowds turned out to ‘Toys,’ during which, the storytellers did not disappoint. Here are some of the stories that didn’t make it onto the radio FM broadcast of Ad Astra Radio. Here’s the breakdown of those stories:

Online Exclusives:

Duke presented a touching account of his son’s first baseball glove in, “The Things of Summer.” He also spoke about the way they picked out his son’s baseball bat, which was a process that has more steps than you might think.

In “Trying New Things,” Bill spoke about the temptations of adapting a new persona in new situations. He recounted the move from New York to the Midwest as a young boy and how that spurred him to act like Fonz from Happy Days.

Jene told of a childhood toy in, “Cooking up Trouble.” She spoke of a play stove that turned out to cause quite a few difficulties. However, her father was always more than happy to help.

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