Plow The Fields presents: I Heart Local Music’s SXSW Fundraiser
Photo by Fally Afani

Last week, I sat down with I Heart Local Music‘s Fally Afani to discuss a two-day fundraiser she organized in preparation for IHLM’s annual showcase during Midwest Music Foundation‘s annual Midcoast Takeover (a four-day blast of LFKC goodness that takes over Austin, Texas’s Shangri-La every March.) The running theme of our conversation was the shear number of acts on the bill who formed and flourished in 2015, including Toughies, Young Bull, Blk Flanl*, Vedettes, Wendy Moira, and Real Adults. We also discuss the hyperkinetic showmanship that local heavyweights Ebony Tusks, Stiff Middle Fingers and Arc Flash brought to the lineup, the charm and cheekiness of Ohio natives Leggy (and their local-by-association status thanks to touring drummer #markflash), the return of hand-knit hats and more provided by Classy McGraceful, and the line-up for next month’s showcase in Austin, which includes Toughies, Stiff Middle Fingers, and Arc Flash, as well as KC-natives Bummer and St. Louis superband Bruiser Queen. Enjoy!

*Blk Flanl had to drop off the showcase due to a last-minute scheduling snag, but Fally was stoked to have them on the bill, so I thought I should at least let her sing their praises in the interview.