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Off the Mic: Haven Harbert

Off the Mic

IMG_5132Name: Haven Harbert
DJ Shift: Femme FM (Mondays, 10pm-midnight)
Other KJHK Contributions: Music Staff, Rotation DJ, Live @ KJHK co-host
Year in school: Fourth Year at KU
Major: Human Sexuality
Minor: Peace and Conflict Studies
Favorite Color: Black
Hobbies: Random crafts/DIY projects, gardening, going to shows
Favorite TV Shows: The Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm

Ellie Fehlig: What has been your favorite thing to be a part of at KJHK?
Haven Harbert: That is hard. Everything has different perks at KJ. I think my favorite thing was “Live @ KJHK,” because there is a hustle and bustle to it that you don’t normally have as a regular DJ. When you are doing live in-studios, you are bringing in the bands and you are meeting them. You are really excited to get to meet new people for the first time, hear their music and experience what they are giving. The behind-the-scenes is really fun because you just want things to go well and you want people listening to be like, “Whoa, this is what these people sound like live.”

Haven Harbert KJHK
Mic breaks? More like breaking mics…

EF: Cool! I can understand that. How did you hear about KJHK?
HH: When I was little, my grandparents lived here – since I was three. Then my brother came to college here when I was in elementary school and every time we would visit we would always listen to KJ. It was his favorite station and he always brought me stickers and random memorabilia, so I’ve known about it for a really long time, ever since I was a kid. And then I was reminded of it when I came to college.
EF: Whoa, I have never gotten an answer like that. Why did you decide to join?
HH: Because it was something I glamorized and idolized since I was a tiny kid. The music was so cool, you know? We would always hit time slots that always had international music and stuff. I come from a small town where you are hearing Top 40 from six months ago that they are just now playing, you know?

IMG_5141EF: Yeah, that is so cool. What kinds of things have you learned or realized because of KJ? What has it taught you?
HH: The first realization I had with KJ is that there is not enough featured female musicians. That is why we brought Femme FM back. I would come into the rotation shift and I would realize that all I was playing was male-fronted music. I was like, “Oh, that’s kind of weird,” you know? Why don’t I know more female? And it is because it’s not as popular. There are not as many musicians that are women, or identify as female, that are featured like men are. That was my first really big realization.

So that’s my big rant about music. But another thing I have learned is to not be pretentious about your music and that any music is good music as long as you feel some type of connection to it. I think it’s hard to rate music.
EF: It kind of just means something different to everyone?
HH: Yeah, and I think it’s important to respect other people’s choices, whether it’s Top 40 or what you are listening to, you know? Mac Demarco or polka, you know? It just doesn’t matter. That is a huge realization I had.

Haven Harbert KJHK
When you realize you left your laundry in the dryer…

EF: As a One Direction fan, I appreciate that. What’s your favorite memory from KJ?
HH: Farmers’ Ball. Farmers’ Ball is a fun fest to say the least. I love that KJ puts it on and that we give the community a chance to listen to all these bands in one night. We get to help the bands out, you know, with winning money and stuff. So it is cool because you get to see so many people from, not just KU or KJHK, but the Lawrence community. It is just so cool to see these people support artists. It’s fun to hang out with your friends too. I think there is just something really special about the night because everyone is so happy to be there. My parents come up for it every year. Like, that is a thing.
EF: Is there a specific year that you really liked it?
HH: They have all been ridiculous. They out-rank each other.

EF: That’s sweet. I am excited to be a part of that this year. What would you say is your favorite thing about DJing?
HH: I just realized I have lipstick on my teeth. My favorite thing about DJing…
EF: Do you want me to put that in the article?
HH: (laughs) I don’t even care. Yeah, sure. I like the call-ins. I like the calls when I am a rotation DJ because you always get these calls that are like, “Oh, just keep up the good work,” and, “You’re making my afternoon,” or, “You’re hitting the feeling just right today.” It’s good to know that people are vibing with what you’re putting out there. I think that is a big part of music.

Haven Harbert KJHKEF: Is there anything that you struggled with before joining KJHK that you are now better at? Or maybe not have an issue with anymore?
HH: I have to think about that because there has got to be something. KJ kind of gives you the opportunity to be social and to build a community. I would not say I struggled with it but I had not found my family, you know? I had not found my family until I came to KJ. And then rapidly, friends and people you care about fall into place. I am friends with all of them still. They are the people I hang out with on the weekends. I think I discovered my family. My KJ fam.

EF: That is cute. Okay, last question: Describe yourself in three words.
HH: Hmm, sassy to an umpteenth degree. This is hard. I do not think about myself enough on that level.
EF: That is okay. We can just stop at “sassy.”
HH: (laughs) Yeah, you would have to ask someone else.