Shapes on Tape: No Bummers

no-bummersShapes on Tape’s EP, No Bummers, is ready for summer. This Brooklyn-based duo has created a shimmering, enthusiastic tribute to the best synthy, new wave ballads of the ’80s. Vocalist Jason Matuskiewicz is a former Lexington, Kentucky scenester known for his band, Candidate. Producer Adam Kruckenberg is a Kansas alumni and former Lawrence scenester known for his cross-dressing key-tar days in glam-rock band, Vibralux, and several electronic projects.

You may detect a hint of David Bowie’s “Heroes” in the Shapes on Tape song “Still Believe in Love,” and you will definitely detect the Prince in “Right Where We Wanted.” A little bit dance, a little bit rock, and a lot of synthetic magic put this EP right where it should be.

Recommended If You Like: Prince, Duran Duran, Blondie

Recommended Tracks: 2 (Still Believe in Love), 1 (Change(s)), 3 (Right Where We Wanted)

Do Not Play: None

Written by Meredith Vacek on 03/11/16

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