Hop Along: Get Disowned

4063752Saddle Creek’s re-release of Hop Along’s first full-length, Get Disowned, is immensely exciting. Frances Quinlan has a gritty wail at some moments and soft singing at others, vocals when paired with the tight instrumental backup and thoughtful lyrics make Hop Along one of indie-rock’s best (and arguably most underrated) bands.

Lyrics like “so unhappy child, flash me your Rottweiler smile” from “Diamond Mine” and “my love is average, I obey an average law” from “Tibetan Pop Stars” simultaneously send chills down your spine and make you want to be screaming along at their live shows. “Kids on the Boardwalk” is a  hilarious track telling the story of how kids fall in love for silly reasons, ending with “I want truth in beauty/ I want to love someone simply/ I want truth in beauty/ I want to love someone without them having to need me.” Whoa buddy. This album is effortlessly funny while also addressing heavy subjects like death, break-ups, neglect, love, and loneliness. “Laments” is narrated by the mattress of a couple that is breaking up, a unique fly on the wall perspective that still feels deeply involved.

Though Hop Along’s sophomore album garnered more critical acclaim far more quickly, Saddle Creek’s re-release may just give Get Disowned the attention it deserved four years ago. This album is heart wrenching, funny, sad, angry, and honestly just f*cking GOOD.

Recommended If You Like: Land of Talk, Swearin’, PS Eliot

Recommended Tracks: 3 (Diamond Mine), 5 (Kids), 2 (Tibetan Pop Stars)

Do Not Play: 2 (Tibetan Pop Stars)

Written by Liz James on 03/24/16