P. Morris LowWith a thoughtful, yet somber jazz introduction featuring Miles Bonny, “Theme of Low” is the start of P. MORRIS’ new EP, out March 18 via Bear Club Music Group. The LOW EP is the latest project from former Lawrence native and founding member of Bear Club, Philesciono Canty, who has since relocated to Los Angeles. As a producer and DJ, the P. MORRIS project initiated in 2010. After bringing DEBUT to the table in February of 2014, P. MORRIS released various EPs and mixes throughout the past two years, most recently DAYDREAM in June of 2015. Stream all of BCMG’s catalogue here.

With jazz, experimental electronic, classical and hip-hop facets all somehow conjoined, LOW makes for an atypical listen new to the ears of Lawrencians and Californians alike. “Theme of Low” descends quickly into the uneasy, warped titled track, “Low,” and with fleeting waves of comfort amidst dark, minimalist transitions, LOW covers the aforementioned spectrum splendidly. Perhaps the most authentic ‘Bear Club’ cut of the EP comes as “Hot Life / Blood King,” featuring Haleek Maul. The track slowly bubbles up to the brim only to defy surface tension; retreating to the orchestral conscious of its own b-side.

“Great Expectations,” featuring a ‘tough love’ voicemail sample, personifies the EP’s candid and introspective essence in just over a minute before hazily giving way to the epilogue, “Bad Habits,” which reconvenes with LOW’s jazz foundation. This EP will prove its shelf-life in contemplative depth and variety.

Recommended If You Like: BEAR CLUB, Arca, Lunice, Gazelle Twin

Recommended Tracks: 5 (Bad Habits), 3 (Hot Life / Blood King (feat. Haleek Maul)), 2 (Low)

Do Not Play: None

Written by Harrison Hipp on 03/28/16

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