dorcasDorcas is the first album from Zaid Maxwell, an artist involved with Oscillator Bug on its 2014 album, Bursts Of The Million. This solo album is out on Rad Cult, the label of Black Moth Super Rainbow and a short list of others. This album is heavy at times with a charming lo-fi folk sound. Other tracks house a slight Black Moth influence, especially the opening track, “I Would Like To Say.”

Most tracks on this album fall into the sweet folk category like “For Good Of No One” and “Dream Slew,” or a more blissful, watery synth category like on “Squares,” and the closing track, “Thorn Daydreams.” More electronic tracks such as “Aries in Retrograde” are also present.

“She Will Come Again” and “Glass Garden” are hopefully honest. Released at the end of March, Dorcas is a pleasant spring or summer listen. Tracks like “Sweets,” and “Seeling” are more traditional ‘rock’ songs to be had on this 13-song release. Zaid Maxwell and Dorcas are a prime example of the many exemplary oddities to be found in the Rad Cult catalog.

Recommended If You Like: Neutral Milk Hotel, Devendra Banhart, Caribou, Belle & Sebastian

Recommended Tracks: 2 (Glass Garden), 7 (Sweets), 4 (Squares), 12 (Window Ghost), 9 (Seeling)

Do Not Play: None

Written by Harrison on 04/18/16

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