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Off the Mic: Rhajae Battles

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Off the Mic Rhajae BattlesName: Rhajae Battles
KJHK Contribution: Content Staff
Year in School: Sophomore
Major: Film & Media Studies
Minor: Spanish
Favorite Color: Fuchsia Pink
Hobbies: Drawing, Playing piano and violin
Favorite TV Show: Once Upon A Time

Ellie Fehlig: I am going to create a new question since you are majoring in Film too. Name three of your top favorite movies.
Rhajae Battles: Oh God. That is the hardest thing ever. I think one of my favorite movies will always be “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” It was always the best thing ever. I have just seen “Interstellar” not too long ago and it blew my mind. I am trying to get other people to watch it so I can talk about it with them. I love musicals so I watch “Sweeney Todd” all the time. I like dark, Tim Burton-type movies.

Off the Mic Rhajae BattlesEF: Okay, I got you. So how did you hear about KJHK?
RB: My friend Tania was a part of it and I randomly ran into her on the streets. Somehow, we started talking about KJHK and she is like, “You should apply!” and I was like, “I should!” so I did.
EF: So what was it that made you decide to join? Was it just her influence?
RB: My freshman year, I decided not to do anything because I just wanted to live the college life. All my life, I have been doing all these activities and scholarship things so I am just like, “I am chilling my freshman year.” I did not do anything at all and so I decided to get involved on campus my sophomore year. KJHK seemed really up my alley because I like editing and software content is for me so it matched. And it looks good on a resume.

EF: Yeah, for sure. What kinds of things have you learned about yourself from being on KJ’s staff?
RB: I have learned that I actually do not procrastinate too much. I thought that I was a procrastinator but not when it comes to things that are within the Film department. Because I want to do it, I will do it on time and in a good manner.

EF: Yeah, I have definitely realized that about myself as well. If it is something I do not want to do, then I will procrastinate and put it off. But if it is something I am interested in then I am more likely to get it done sooner and put more effort into it. I am a Film major too so I am the same way with editing or something I like doing. That is cool. What is your favorite memory at KJ so far?
RB: Most of the stuff I do is solo so it is not really a part of a group. I do like in the beginning of the meetings when Mason [Kilpatrick] asks ridiculous questions. You get to hear everybody’s answers. I like that; it is fun.

EF: That is what Pit said too. That seems to be a crowd favorite. This is kind of the same question but what is your favorite part about being on Content Staff?
RB: I get to produce something that other people hear. Our Content Directo told us we won the regional award for our website and, I mean, I produce content for the website so that makes me happy.

Off the Mic Rhajae BattlesEF: Yeah, there you go. That is awesome. Is there anything that you have struggled with about yourself before joining KJHK that you now do not struggle with?
RB: I did not know whether or not I was actually going to be equipped enough with the editing software to be able to produce good content or content that is what I thought was good. Our Mason usually loves all my stuff and it makes me feel good about myself. I am pretty confident now.

EF: I think we all struggle with confidence sometimes but that is so good to hear. I am happy for you. Describe your taste in music. Who are some of your favorite artists?
RB: Beyonce is number one right now with her drop of “Lemonade.” That was great. I listen to a lot of Pop and Hip-Hop music. J. Cole is one of my favorite rappers and Chance the Rapper will forever and always be at the top of my list.  I am probably going to be going to the Drake and Future concert.
EF: Oh, nice. That is in July, right?
RB: Yeah, July 23rd.

EF: That will be sweet. Okay, describe yourself in three words. This is the last question so make it count.
RB: I would say quirky. Oh my God. I do not know enough words. Creative and adventurous, I guess.
EF: Okay, that works.

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