Pole Vaulting, Taco’s, and Friends

KU carTo get ready for the weekend relays, KU’s pole vaulting team set up in front of the Salty Iguana at 6th and Wakarusa on April 21st to raise some money for every height cleared. KU brought back Jordan Scott who contributed to the games and sported half his head a deep crimson and the other the Jayhawk blue most fans are so proud of.

Jayhawk and BabyAside from the athletes, there were cheerleaders and members of the dance team who threw t-shirts and kept the crowd excited. Also at the event were vendors including the infamous Elaine’s cookies which are so decadently decked with icing, a few banks handing out free merch, and the Salty Iguana with it’s own Pole Vaultstation full of drink/food specials. There were games set out for the kids including a few inflatables.

The event brought a lot people out and was a great way to bring attention to KU’s Track and Field team as well as a way to bring the Lawrence community together.

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