Lindstrøm: Windings EP

Lindstrom: Windings EPLindstrøm is a Norwegian DJ and producer who has been active since 2002. He releases all his music on his own label, Feedelity. He has provided remixes for such artists as LCD Soundsystem, Roxy Music, Franz Ferdinand, Glasser and Best Coast. He may be best known for his album-length, self-titled collaboration with fellow Norwegian producer Prins Thomas. The Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas album received substantial airplay on KJHK circa 2005-2006.

On this EP Lindstrøm plays to his strength: sophisticated, precise space disco. His work has alternatively been described as nu-disco and disco house. The three tracks are just the beats, free of any vocal contributions. The tracks feel retro, with some electro-funk and 80s synth sounds in the mix, while at the same time completely fresh and relevant. This is the kind of music that makes you feel instantly cool for playing it in front of your friends.

Recommended If You Like: Metro Area, Chrissy, Tycho, LCD Soundsystem
Recommended Tracks: ALL
Do Not Play: None
Written by The Czech on 08/13/2016