Lawrence’s Late Night Grub

KJHK Arts and Culture reporters Sam Davis and Zack Butenas recently set out on a mission to bring you information on some of the best late night grub locations in Lawrence. Here are two sweet and two savory ideas foodmapthat are sure to hit the spot when hunger comes calling during a late night study or hangout sesh.


Munchers is a Lawrence original that has produced dozens of different pastries and treats for nearly three decades. Open 24 hours a day, Munchers can provide an early morning breakfast in addition to a supreme late night snack. Choose from any number of treats behind the glass but be sure to grab at least one cream cheese doughnut, it’s one of their best sellers. Hit up the pastry shop any time day or night, it’s located munchersbakeryin the Hillcrest Shopping Center at 9th and Iowa Street in Lawrence.


Pizza Shuttle

If you lost your sweet tooth sometime before moving to Lawrence, but your late night hunger still remains, we may have found a your paradise. Pizza Shuttle, located at 1601 W 23rd street, serves up the perfect blend of greasy cheese and crispy crust that any human would wish for. The Pizza shop is open until 2:00 AM on weeknights and 3:00 AM on weekends, with the options for delivery or in-store munching. If you choose to go with the on-site eating, you will be greeted by masterly designed ceiling tiles that showcase a variety of pop-culture icons. Pizza Shuttle’s pizza won’t put a dent on your wallet and is sure to be an option that wont disappoint.pizzashuttle


Hot Box Cookies

Hot Box Cookies is in its first decade of operation having originally sprouted up in Columbia, Missouri. After spending a few years at a location in downtown Lawrence, the shop recently packed its bags and moved to the Oread Hotel, located at 1200 Oread Avenue. Hot Box has the classics like oatmeal and chocolate chip, but be sure to hotboxcookiesgo for one of their best-sellers, cookies and cream, as well as red velvet (my personal favorite) if you make a visit. The new location is practically right on campus, but if you’re feeling particularly lazy, they deliver too!


Burrito King

When your stomach is wanting to go south of the border at one in the morning, Burrito King is a place that can satisfy that calling. Located on the corner of 9th and Illinois Street, Burrito King is open until 3:00 AM every night of the week serving Mexican-style dishes that are much more than rice and beans arranged in different orders. The store offers a variety of different burritos, tacos and tostadburritokingas; with vegetarian options also available for all the night owl herbivores in Lawrence. You can choose to sit outside by the dimly-lit street under the stars, accompanied by ambient sound of cicadas singing; but if you desire to get your Spanish dishes quickly, a drive-through is available for you to take advantage of.