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Cool Ghouls: Animal Races

Unknown1Cool Ghouls are a relatively new band from San Francisco, California. They are from the Bay area, but do not carry a Bay sound. Instead, they have a full blown 60’s  rock revival vibe, and their influences include Santana, The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Starship, Janis Joplin, and Quicksilver Messenger Service. Band members include Pat Thomas, Ryan Wong, Pat McDonald, Alex Fleshman. Critics have tried to categorize Cool Ghouls as alternative/ indie, however, they dominate the stage with funk influence. Cool Ghouls falls somewhere in between being classified as a jam band, alternative, and rock, but definitely have a more retro sound than other bands. What’s unique about Cool Ghouls is the different tones and qualities of the guitars and their tendency to dive into jams. One could say their sound doesn’t feel like it’s from this generation. Each song on the album has its own personality–definitely an album worth checking out.

Recommended If You Like: Grateful Dead, The Troggs, The Monks, Sir Douglas Quintet, Santana, Jefferson Starship, Janis Joplin, Quicksilver Messenger Service
Recommended Tracks: 3 (Time Capsule), 4 (When You Were Gone), 8 (Brown Bag), 11 (Spectator)
Do Not Play: 1 (Animal Races)
Written by Jessica Rosenberg on 09/13/2016