Michael Vlatkovich: Myrnofant’s Kiss

myrnofants-kiss_optThis unknown and curiously titled piece by Michael Vlatkovich is a relaxing freestyle jazz experience. Myrnofant’s Kiss is the 9th album of a long career of published jazz, this edition starts with the appropriately slow “No Victims Just Volunteers” that slowly increases in tempo across the tracks, reaching a crescendo at “Hold on to Your Chair Watch Out for Snakes”. Then slowly winds down and comes to a close ending with the interestingly long winded “A Tree Falls in The Forest While an Orange Rolls in Circles Watching a Pickle Kiss a Banana Goodbye”. While not a roller-coaster of emotion or an extreme journey in either experimental or limit pushing territory, Myrofants Kiss is a fine piece of easy listening and relaxing jazz.

Recommended If You Like: Pat Metheny, David Sanborn
Recommended Tracks: hold on to your chair watch out for snakes, leave the worrying to the professionals
Do Not Play: none
Written by Kade Eby on 09/22/2016