Chance the Rapper’s Magnificent Coloring Tour

Wednesday night, Kansas City welcomed Chance the Rapper at the Midland Theater to perform on his Magnificent Coloring World Tour. The high demand for the sold out show was apparent by the line wrapped entirely around the theater. After a 90 minute delay, eager fans filed in for a performance unlike any other. Chance provided a mix of old and new tracks, as well as a prevalent spiritual message.

The talented entertainer showcased his music through a theatrical performance and a storyline carried on by a life-sized stuffed animal lion. Chance boldly opened with many crowd favorites, including “Cocoa Butter Kisses” from his mixtape Acid Rap, and “Sunday Candy” from the album Surf. After recapping many older works, Bennett focused the remainder of the show on newer music from his latest album Coloring Book. Each song was visually complimented by colorful graphics and wild lighting designs; enormous smoke bursts and a grand confetti explosion continuously reinstated excitement throughout the show. Keeping the audiences engaged from opening number to the encore, this “Big Fella” did not disappoint.

Being one of the forefront figures in popularizing gospel rap, Chance utilized the latter of the concert to bestow fans with a cathartic experience. The Midland theater transformed into a place of worship, with every hand of the diverse group reached to the sky. The audience sang along as Chance sang to God during many heart-hitting numbers, including “How Great”. As they exited the doors to the theater that night, fans were left to resonated with Bennett’s message of self-appreciation and gratitude.

A shaking balcony from jumping bodies up top; scattered, flickering sparks from lighters in the dark mass; and private clouds of smoke that dissipated, joining the waving hands in the air above; all painted a vivid picture of the show’s unique scene. The crowd embodied the same vitality, personality, and buoyancy mirrored in Chance’s music. Through his music and message, the rapper created a communal environment that unified a vast variety of people.

Last Wednesday, Bennett proved himself as a performer who could rap; a messenger who could rhyme; and a humble, talented man continuing his tour with an upcoming 25 sold out shows.