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A Night at the Parking Forum

For the last fourteen years the parking and transit office at KU has held an annual forum where they take comments and criticisms from the public individuals that use their services. For the last few years they have added more forums to their yearly schedule to help combat an increase in demands for improvement.

Last Monday I attended the forum in the KU Student Union hoping to hear concerns voiced by students as well as comments from parking and transit officials. To my surprise only three students were there voicing concerns. Two graduate students had problems with both the parking and bus systems and wanted to make sure graduate students were not being forgotten during parking plans. One other student made a request for a parking garage that was mostly dismissed, although there are supposedly plans to reallocate some parking spots for students as a part of the Central District Project.

The forum began with only ten people in the room. Six parking officials, three university students and one curious reporter took seats in Alderson Auditorium at six o’clock Monday evening. Officials did say that attendance was particularly low compared to previous meetings.

There are two more forums in the fall semester if you would like to attend.