Stay Woke: Lucid Dreaming

Most of us don’t remember our dreams the morning after, but lucid dreaming is the phenomenon where a sleeping person is aware – and in control – of their dream while it’s happening.

Although this has been an area of interest in psychology since Aristotle’s times, it wasn’t until the mid-1970s when scientific evidence proved the existence of lucid dreaming and its achievability through a variety of different methods.

This is something many people experience at least once in their life. Some people even go a step further and actively attempt to “get lucid.” Whether lucid dreaming is used for creative or therapeutic purposes, it is a way to not only escape reality, but create your own.

For more information on lucid dreaming, listen below to hear my full FM piece. This includes a conversation with KU psychology professor Dr. Ruth Ann Atchley, who is teaching the Psychology of Sleeping and Dreaming this semester. We talk about how lucid dreaming factors into the bigger picture of psychology, its benefits, the science behind it and more.