Preview: Chiefs look to go 3-1 against the Steelers

Yes, yes I know the Kansas City Chiefs scored 24 points and beat the New York Jets. I could resign myself to seclusion or go on a Hamlet-esque monologue. Alas, I shall stick with my guns and say that last week was much more about how Ryan Fitzpatrick threw the game away than how the Chiefs won it.

A win is a win though, and as much as I would like to take it away, I cannot. This week, however, the Chiefs are going away from Arrowhead and facing the Pittsburgh Steelers. While many would love it if I was swayed to start believing in the Chiefs, this team has not done enough to change my mind just yet.

Steelers’ Offense vs. Chiefs’ Defense

Ben Roethlisberger and Co. struggled last week against the Philadelphia Eagles, and that is putting it lightly. That was last week, but this week Le’Veon Bell is making his return from suspension.

Bell will add another dimension in the passing game, and keep Chiefs’ linebackers worrying about him coming out of the backfield. Williams and Bell should do enough in the running game to make sure the Chiefs’ pass rush does not get going.

In the passing game, Big Ben will be looking to exploit any cornerback that is lined up across from Antonio Brown.  He is a dynamic playmaker who can run every route and is quick enough to gain separation from any defender.

Outside of Brown, the receiving options are not consistent. Sammie Coates and Markus Wheaton have been up and down all season, and neither have done enough to take advantage of playing opposite of Brown. This is where Bell will be so important because he is another matchup nightmare. The Steelers should be able to do enough to score 24 points.

Chiefs’ Offense vs. Steelers’ Defense

A Doug Pederson lead team just dinked and dunked their way to a victory over the Steelers, so the Chiefs should be able to do the same, right? Perhaps not, as Carson Wentz and the Eagles were moving the ball well before last week, and the Chiefs have yet to prove that their offense can do much.

Take away the second half of Week One and the Chiefs have scored two touchdowns in 10 quarters. This team does not have an offensive identity and the passing game has been stagnant for most of the year.

This is a game that the Chiefs need to win to prove that they can be a contender when they are not playing at home. Spencer Ware will need to have a big game in both the passing and running game. If Alex Smith can methodically drive down the field, which is his bread and butter, the Steelers defense is not good enough to stop them.

Travis Kelce should be able to beat any linebacker one-on-one but that has been known for a lone time. The Chiefs just struggle to get the ball his way consistently. Baby Gronk should be treated more like Gronk and less like an average tight end.

Going off what I have seen from the Chiefs so far, I cannot expect more than 21 points from this team. Unless, of course, their defense gets eight turnovers again.

The Score

Last week was a fluke for both teams, Steelers win this one 24-21.

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