EZTV: High In Place

a1767619629_16Recorded entirely on a Tascam 8-track recorder, EZTV’s second LP, High In Place, sounds similar to their first release, Calling Out, but seems more mature and perfected. Throughout the whole thing I kept noticing how well it was mixed and mastered making it sound very pleasant, and natural to the ears. The rhythm guitar parts throughout the album sound like they have multiple layers creating a “jangly” sound that made me think of The Byrds, famous for their use of 12-string electric guitars, and The Moody Blues. The track “State of Confusion” has a particular ability to bring on a mild psychedelic vibe similar to some of Pink Floyd’s more acoustic tunes. The more I listened to it, the more I felt like reminiscing about happy times. In a good way, the album has its bitter-sweet moments. All ten songs on the album are great, which makes listening to the whole thing very easy. It was also cool to discover by looking at the album’s credits that musicians such as Chris Cohen, Jenny Lewis, and Martin Courtney of Real Estate made contributions to the record. To me, it’s interesting to think about some of my favorite musicians hanging out and making music together. Overall, High In Place may not fully deserve to be placed on a shelf with “the best albums of 2016” but it is certainly “up there”, and will keep listeners satisfied for a long time.

Recommended If You Like: Pink Floyd, The Moody Blues, Real Estate, White Fence
Recommended Tracks: All are great, but especially: 2 (Racing Country), 3 (Reason To Run), 7 (Temporary Gold)
Do Not Play: None
Written by MacConnell Wilson on 10/02/2016