Acid Tongue: Beautiful Disaster

beautiful-disaster-300x300Released in early August, Acid Tongue’s latest EP, Beautiful Disaster, is the perfect soundtrack for humid weather and relaxing in late summer. But the EP is more complicated than its exhibition suggests. Dancing between genres, Beautiful Disaster weaves a complicated sound borrowing from fuzzy, lo-fi indie styles (“Mac and Me”) to Kurt Vile-esque folk guitar riffs (“Annie Get Your Scissors”). Acid Tongue’s sound on this EP is not an easy one to pin down; the band lists its inspirations as AM radio, spiritual parenting techniques, and psychedelic rock. Noisy, dizzy, and country-tinged, it’s the type of EP that will make your mom say “turn that racket off!”

Recommended If You Like: The Wavves, MGMT, Kurt Vile
Recommended Tracks: 2 (Mac and Me), 4 (Annie Get Your Scissors)
Do Not Play: None
Written by Madeline Connor on 10/04/2016

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