S U R V I V E is a synth quartet with an eerie, dark, and spacey sound full of ambient beats and perfect for a midnight drive.

S U R V I V E: RR7349

R-9115571-1475171616-4150.jpegS U R V I V E is a quartet that creates dark and eerie, cinematic instrumentals through synth and percussion epics. If you liked the theme song and soundtrack to the Netflix hit series, Stranger Things, and wondered who created it – this would be the answer. Seemingly building upon the vibe and sound of their endeavor with the Stranger Things series, S UR V I V E’s sophomore album RR7349 is equally as space-age and sci-fi-esque. This album is the perfect addition to your late night drive.

Recommended If You Like: Daft Punk, Com Truise, Stranger Things, M83
Recommended Tracks: 1 ( A.H.B.), 2 (Other), 4 (High Rise), 5 (Wardenclyffe)
Do Not Play: None
Written by Ashton Aldridge on 10/06/2016

KJHK 90.7 FM