Three Headed Thursdays at The Replay Lounge

Every Thursday at The Replay Lounge in Lawrence, Kansas, 3 brilliant local and/or touring acts come together for a sweet triple header performance. Last week on October 6th, Fullbloods, No Magic, and Momma’s Boy took the stage and all three spewed music in completely different ways, but were smooth and complementary to each other and the collective aura of the show.

Momma's Boy's Peter Beatty eradicating the hard indie chords
Momma’s Boy’s Peter Beatty eradicating the hard indie chords

Momma’s Boy opened the show and nothing describes their sound better than their band name. The music is full of indie life with glaring harmonies from Peter Beatty and Shaun Crowley, but is presented in a slightly harder manner, allowing the reception to vary person to person. Their set was well enjoyed as they played many, along with the single song they have officially recorded, but word is out that more tunes are coming soon.

No Magic was up next and he added an alternate and fresh dynamic to the overall show as a solo artist. He liberated the guitar and sang gracious vocals into the soaring skies. With an afro full of hair and a face full of words, Ben Sauder enchanted the audience.

No Magic and the Pinball Queens
No Magic and the Pinball Queens

Fullbloods was automatically captivating as they took the stage to close the show with pure intention and harmonious interaction. The set was enjoyable and uplifting as the lead vocalist, Ross Brown sang his lovely tunes in a soothing, yet groovy way. The different aspects included in the music along with its leading style were impressive as it sufficiently provided the obvious natural sense of these musicians. The drummer, William Pollock, kept the show on a roll as he led and counted song to song with a noticeably entertaining personality, which shone as he passionately played some majorly grooving beats.

Fullbloods bobbling and grooving
Fullbloods bobbling and grooving

The constant head bobbing of these boys was worth smiling over for days as it transported you to a mental place of either chilling on the boondocks by a lake, dancing in a field on a sunny day, or feeling slightly nostalgic about life in itself. It is indeed head bobbling music and everyone became a bobble head sitting by the pond of Replay.

The next Three Headed Thursday at Replay Lounge is taking place on October 13th with KD Kuro, Stone Growler, and TablaRasa.

Photo Credit: Brooke Metz