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A Tribe Called Red: We are the Halluci Nation

a-tribe-called-redA Tribe Called Red is a Canadian First Nations electro-group who incorporate powwow music into their mixes. Their most recent album is We Are The Halluci Nation. The title track, “We are the Halluci Nation” is very powerful because it speaks about the treatment of First Nations people. “R.E.D.” is a fusion of drumming, Rap, chants, and Dubstep. It’s very innovative and original. “The Virus” is about colonization and the negative effects that stemmed from it. “Before” and “Soon” are audio bits about a person named Charlie and how he ran away from a residential school. It also touches on police brutality towards First Nations people and the topic of missing First Nations women. “Sila” sounds like a mixture of Soca and Dubstep. “The Light” is a very interesting track because the lyrics are in Spanish while the instrumental is a combination of Raqs Sharqi music, Soca and Reggaeton. “Eanan” is a song that literally sounds like hope. There’s just something about the way it sounds that holds a promise of things getting better in the near future. I thoroughly enjoyed this album and feel that A Tribe Called Red has not only stuck to their original sound but they have also branched out in a positive way. We Are The Halluci Nation is great for any electronic music lover who’s looking for a fresh change from the stuff that’s played on the mainstream radio.

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Recommended Tracks: 7 (Maima Koopi), 6 (The Light), 9 (Eanan), 10 (The Muse), 1 (We are the Halluci Nation), 2 (R.E.D.)
Do Not Play: None
Written by Tabitha Moore on 10/09/2016