Charts & Adds: 10/17/2016 – 10/24/2016

It’s the middle October and KJHK delivers one of its wildest charts yet. Unpredictable and packed with surprises, the charts see albums hop up and down the charts in an incredibly random way. This is not to say that there is only surprises. For instance, Danny Brown championing the charts is fully expected. Unexpected is the drop in popularity of large chart stompers like Angel Olsen. Thankfully, there are some excellent reviews written by KJHK reviewers to deliver a better idea of each album.


TOP 200, TOP 3


08-famous-phone-figure-mp3-image3. Calico Review by the Allah-Lahs


From reviewer Scott Knettle

“Calico Review is a set of 12 breezy tracks that is perfect for the transition of summer into fall. With catchy hooks and a fuzzy atmosphere, songs like “Satisfied,” “Mausoleum,” and “Place In The Sun,” offer a pretty great psychedelic take on standard garage rock. The almost glitchy clicks and chimes in “Autumn Dawn” add a nice texture and depth to the record, while the 60s-esque ballad “Famous Phone Figure” adds sonic variety on Calico Review.”

uploads%2f1468361140230-lvlup_returntolove_cover_400_72 2. Return To Love by LVL UP

LVL UP is a New York-based rock quartet that has held strong on the KJHK charts for the past few weeks. Though it doesn’t stray to far from the alt-pop stereotype, there is a healthy level of indie monotone droning. This vocal when synced with heavy and disparaged guitars allows for a sort of agnst that is pushed out with true authenticity. This is an excellent listen for a walk or a run.

atrocityexhibition1. Atrocity Exhibition by Danny Brown

Are you surprised? This is by far one of the most brutal rap releases of the past year. From a previous article by KJHK:

“Zany and spooky – this album is something is well worth the hype. Danny Brown’s flow is on display here as he cycles from track to track. There is an abstract experimental side to this album that achieves its goals without falling to pretentiousness.”


Rank Artist Recording Label User Supplied Version
1 DANNY BROWN Atrocity Exhibition Warp
2 LVL UP Return To Love SUB POP
3 ALLAH-LAS Calico Review Mexican Summer
4 BON IVER 22, A Million Jagjaguwar
5 GONJASUFI Callus Warp
6 DRUGDEALER The End Of Comedy Weird World
8 GROWLERS City Club
9 CAVEMAN Otero War Cinematic
10 CHAIN WALLET Chain Wallet Jansen Plateproduksjon
11 JAGAJA Jagaja
12 ROCOCODE Don’t Worry It Will Be Dark Soon Marquis
13 DEATH VALLEY GIRLS Glow In The Dark Burger
14 LOCAL NATIVES Sunlit Youth Loma Vista
15 SNEAKS Gymnastics Merge
16 A.S.H.E.S. THE CHOSEN The First Call SmG
17 DEAD GAZE Easy Travels Ernest Jenning
20 PREOCCUPATIONS Preoccupations Jagjaguwar
21 FUTURE GENERATIONS Future Generations Frenchkiss
22 PASCAL PINON Sundur Morr
23 ARJUN Gravity Pheromone
24 NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS Skeleton Tree Kobalt
25 NATURAL CHILD Okey Dokey Natural Child Records & Tapes
26 ROOSEVELT Roosevelt City Slang
27 AJJ The Bible 2 SideOneDummy
28 JULIA JACKLIN Don’t Let The Kids Win Polyvinyl
29 CHEAP TREASURE Natural Self-Released
30 BEACH BABY No Mind No Money Island