1473779572_cover600x600-1Dallas trio True Widow have hit a real stride with their latest, Avvologere (Which, as a side note, is an Italian verb meaning to wrap, roll up, or wind around something). The album experience is much like seeing a Marvel film: You know what you’re going to get coming in, but that’s quite alright, because it is executed expertly.

The music here will remind listeners of many stoner rock bands, mainly due to the slow tempo of the songs, and the songs mostly being structured around the guitar parts. This is a sound strategy, as the guitar licks are stellar. Many of the riffs are memorable for being able to set an appropriate mood (e.g., see “Theurgist”), while also possessing a rare and elusive timbre that most other acts would kill to have (e.g., see “Entheogen”). Take these riffs, and add in a vocal delivery style that gives off a sense of apathetic despair, and it creates a truly gloomy listening experience.

This album is certainly niche in its appeal. The album doesn’t display a remarkable range, but it does what it tries to do well. Anyone who believes music can and should be used as a way to express sorrow or melancholy would do well to give this a listen.

Recommended If You Like: Jesu, Torche, A Place to Bury Strangers, Deafheaven
Recommended Tracks: 1, 5, 6
Do Not Play: None
Written by Adam Raimond on 10/20/2016