Charts & Adds: 10/23/2016 – 10/30/2016

It is the final full week of October and the charts have rebalanced once again here at KJHK. There are a few interesting things to note this week before we continue to the Charts & Adds for the week of 10/23/2016 – 10/30/2016. First, the charts have seemingly reverted back to normal after a few wildcard weeks with cray inconsistencies. Secondly, massive rotation dominators here at KJHK are going to be retired from rotation this week as airwaves seek bigger, and fresher sounds. Third, the Charts & Adds schedule is now going to shift to Monday – and the charting schedule will switch to Sunday to Sunday charting with a Sunday article release. This in mind, enjoy the week and some excellent articles by KJHK staffers below!


a1136135788_103. Angel Olsen: My Woman

From a recent Charts & Adds:

“Angel Olsen doesn’t want to be thought of as an up-and-coming folk icon anymore and it is clear in this LP. “My Woman” is a sound-driven record that smashes through car stereos with robust love frustrations. There is a decline in focus on lyrics – an element to Olsen’s previous albums that has stood out famously – though this does not mean that they carry any less weight.”

This is My Woman‘s last week in rotation.


2. Danny Brown: Atrocity Exhibition

From last week’s Charts & Adds:

“Zany and spooky – this album is something is well worth the hype. Danny Brown’s flow is on display here as he cycles from track to track. There is an abstract experimental side to this album that achieves its goals without falling to pretentiousness.”


1. Bon Iver: 22, A Million

From a recent Charts & Adds:

“Okay, it’s a little pretentious. Give Justin Vernon credit though – this album retains its art without soul and lyrical purpose. There is an incredibly adept lyrical value in this release that is coupled with a new direction in Bon Iver’s discography. Fans that may have feared the worst will be happy to hear that Vernon completely succeeds at building something substantial out of what may seem too abstract.”


93831-340x3403. Su Na: Surface [EP]

From KJHK DJ Shane Blair:

“Though Surface is a good listen, there isn’t much to convince me to listen to the album more than two or three times. Everything is cleanly produced and professionally presented, but not much separates this album from the rest of the rabble. That being said, the rabble has a good mindset and churns out great tracks. “Exotic” features Lord Apex laying down a solid rap on top of a beat with a unique, swelling ambience in the background. “Tell Me,” “Complexion,” and “Depart,” are paced well and excellent vocal talents. I usually would comment on the length of such a short album, but I feel as though the 16 minutes was fitting. The whole thing was to-the-point but still comfortable. Like a good short film, the point of the album had to be relayed with more efficiency because of the shorter run-time.”


pgs82. Robert Miller’s Project Grand Slam: The Queen’s Carnival

There is nothing quite like a solid Jazz-rock fusion album. Joining the ranks with the likes of Arjun’s GravityThe Queen’s Carnival is driven by a thumping bass and a leading saxophone. The vibe on this album is almost strictly tropical. It is undoubtedly cheesy and unapologetically so. This is not so much an awful thing though. With explicit brazillian influnence, keep your ears tuned during Jazz in the Morning!

a3923298497_101. Jenny Hval: Blood Bitch

This album is one for fans of Portishead and Björk. Almost a perfect mix of the two, Jenny Hval follows a recent tradition of scandanavian artists like Pascal Pinion busting down the quiet indy scene. There is a pretty and gentle few slips in the sound of each song that tap through speakers in an incredibly pretty way. Though this is an album more set for vibing, it is hard to miss.



1 BON IVER 22, A Million Jagjaguwar
2 DANNY BROWN Atrocity Exhibition Warp
4 FUTURE GENERATIONS Future Generations Frenchkiss
5 GROWLERS City Club
6 LOCAL NATIVES Sunlit Youth Loma Vista
7 ALLAH-LAS Calico Review Mexican Summer
8 GTA Good Times Ahead Warner Bros.
9 HEATERS Baptistina Beyond Beyond Is Beyond
10 EZTV High In Place Captured Tracks
11 BEACH BABY No Mind No Money Island
12 CHAIN WALLET Chain Wallet Jansen Plateproduksjon
13 DEAD GAZE Easy Travels Ernest Jenning
14 CAVEMAN Otero War Cinematic
15 NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS Skeleton Tree Kobalt
16 PREOCCUPATIONS Preoccupations Jagjaguwar
17 CHEAP TREASURE Natural Self-Released
18 SNEAKS Gymnastics Merge
19 LVL UP Return To Love SUB POP
20 AJJ The Bible 2 SideOneDummy
21 THOM SONNY GREEN High Anxiety Canvasback
22 JULIA JACKLIN Don’t Let The Kids Win Polyvinyl
23 ROOSEVELT Roosevelt City Slang
24 ROYAL CANOE Something Got Lost Between Here And The Orbit Nevado
25 VEILS Total Depravity Nettwerk
26 NATURAL CHILD Okey Dokey Natural Child Records & Tapes
29 ARJUN Gravity Pheromone
30 GONJASUFI Callus Warp


Rank Artist Recording Label User Supplied Version
1 JENNY HVAL Blood Bitch Sacred Bones
2 ROBERT MILLER’S PROJECT GRAND SLAM The Queen’s Carnival Cakewalk
3 SU NA Surface [EP] Self-Released
4 WEYES BLOOD Front Row Seat To Earth Mexican Summer
5 ELZA SOARES “A Mulher Do Fim Do Mundo” [Single] Mais Un Discos
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