Pub, Plate, and Good Times at Merchants

Though various college expenses can make students tend to shy away from the more expensive side of restaurant eating. However, some eateries make that price very much worth it and in some case worth another trip.

Merchants InsideBeing new to KU and much of Lawrence, I had not heard of Merchants Pub and Plate until winning a gift card to use with 3 others who seemed very excited about the opportunity to dine there. After a very nice first experience, I decided to go back for another go.

Being relatively new to the restaurant, the menu was still very open to me. I decided on a cold press coffee and their fall twist on bangers and mash, a traditional english food featuring mashed potatoes and sausage, only this time with sweet potatoes, bratwurst and andouille sausage. I’m not the biggest fan of British food, so if they could make this dish delectable to me, it would definitely earn them merit in my book. My accomplice, Daniel, played it a bit safer, choosing the Bison burger with a roasted garlic spread and dill mustard-aioli and a root beer.

As we waited for our food to arrive, we took stock of the unique high ceilings that characterized the building that had once been a bank before the business that resided in it today. The very dim lighting definitely helped bring the impression of a place one would ideally go for a dinner- date.

Merchants foodSoon, our meals had arrived. One bite into the sausages and I was immediately very impressed. They packed so much flavor but very much in different ways. To my delight the mashed sweet potatoes subtle sweet notes perfectly complimented the spicy kick of the andouille and the savory meatiness of the bratwurst. Add to it some glazed roasted carrots and beets on the side and it was the perfect fall meal: filling and brimming with a wonderful comfort food vibe.

The Bison Burger satisfied the same expectations, with perfectly cooked meat and great condiments that help make this burger one of the best I’ve ever had, not a distinction I give lightly.

I highly recommend Merchants for those wanting to impress on a date or even for those who just want a nice break from standard mass street restaurants. It offers wonderful fall dishes that, though a bit more expensive than the average sandwich place, never cease to satisfy a craving for fresh fall flavors.