Hailing from Sweden, this indie rock band is sure to put you in a lovely nostalgic mood with their downbeat tempos and ambient vocals.

The Amazing: Ambulance

The-Amazing-AmbulanceYou can’t go wrong with adding music from this band to your “Bedtime Bangers” – “Comfy Sunday” – or even “Breakup Jams” playlist. The Amazing is an indie rock band based out of Sweden. Their fifth album titled Ambulance, has successfully built upon their seductive sound with ambient, atmospheric, and downtempo tracks – perfect for those late night reflections and nostalgic Fall Sundays. Tracks from the album such as, “Through City Lights,” “Divide,” and “Moments Like These” are a testament to those who enjoy a little time to themselves, quiet drives, or simply something to listen to while studying.

Recommended If You Like: Junip, Jonathan Wilson, The War On Drugs, Beck
Recommended Tracks: 1 (Ambulance), 6 (Through City Lights), 7 (Moments Like These), 8 (Perfect Day For Shrimp)
Do Not Play: N/A
Written by Ashton Aldridge on 11/02/2016