Student Group Shoutout: Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without BordersWhether you’re physics lover that can’t help but go over formulas on your way to fluid dynamics class or a music major that wants to make a difference in communities both local and abroad, Engineers Without Borders at KU can provide unique and rewarding opportunities. Since 2007, this student organization has been volunteering its time and mental resources to help with projects in Lawrence and as far away as Bolivia.

Locally, the projects tend to be smaller. They helped get the campus community garden started and also volunteer their time for other local organizations. While abroad, EWB takes on much more responsibility such as building irrigation systems or installing bathrooms.

I had the chance to chat with Sam Tinkel, the vice president of EWB as well as Madeline Fines, an expo chair for the organization. They were able to share plenty of great information about what they do and tell some entertaining stories of their experiences while working on job sites.

Expo Chair Madeline Fines says that while engineering students are essential to some tasks and projects, EWB is willing to take-in students from many different academic backgrounds. If you’re interested in joining Engineers Without Borders they recommend following them on Facebook for updates and information. This is a great place to look at pictures detailing what they’ve been working on or check when and where the next meeting will be held.

For even more information about Engineers Without Borders, you can contact Vice President Sam Tinkel or anyone else on their exec staff via e-mail.