It has been an incredibly hectic week. If the only context one received from the past week was of the past week, they would be all but sure that the world is churning much too fast. Although the music has lost some of it’s greats in this very turbulent week (e.g. Leonard Cohen and Leon Russel), the world is spinning and it is important to push through bumpy seasons like this with vigilance and appreciation. Music is in many ways a tool. Through the right collection of sounds, there is an immediate emotion that one can convey that can’t be captured by words. Those emotions and thoughts are sometimes political, introspective, or even mindless. It says something about the human condition that intense beauty comes from such ugly influence. At KJHK, we want to deliver some of this beauty, and below one will find the triumphs and surprises of this week. There are some no-brainers, and there are some intense newcomers to KJHK’s archive. Check it out and take some time to take care for yourself this week!



3. 22, A Million by Bon Iver

From a previous week:

“Okay, it’s a little pretentious. Give Justin Vernon credit though – this album retains its art without soul and lyrical purpose. There is an incredibly adept lyrical value in this release that is coupled with a new direction in Bon Iver’s discography. Fans that may have feared the worst will be happy to hear that Vernon completely succeeds at building something substantial out of what may seem incomprehensible.”


2. Good Times Ahead by GTA

From last week:

There is very little about this album that isn’t gaudy. The origin of the DJ-duo is the pale satin and vodka-soaked sand of Miami, FL. This LP exists almost purely to show off how much gold and electronica one can pack into a college radio-worthy release. It is unadultered and pure EDM that employs a studded cast of features. One heavy recommendation includes Vince Staples on “Little Bit of This.”


1. Atrocity Exhibition by Danny Brown 

From a previous week:

“Are you surprised? Zany and spooky – this album is something is well worth the hype. Danny Brown’s flow is on display here as he cycles from track to track. There is an abstract experimental side to this album that achieves its goals without falling to pretentiousness.”



3. Celebrate Your Worth by The Blind Shake

True, the Blind Shake is not a collection of pioneers. Instead, they are able to refine the noise rock genre in a fun and listenable way. There is a dash of angst and sprinkle of cringe-worthy introspection among a sea of reverb; a perfect recipe for getting listeners to kick random objects. The Minnesota-based trio expands on their discography in a comfortable, yet comfortable way. Though this album was recorded in Memphis, TN, one can rest assured that this doesn’t translate to the church-drum clean production of Nashville. Get ready to fuzz out.


2. Adult Contemporaries by Ablebody

From KJHK Staffer MacConnel Wilson:

“After releasing music independently via Bandcamp over the last several years, the duo known as Ablebody has released their first full-length LP titled, Adult Contemporaries. The album is reminiscent of a vintage 60s/70s style, but fits nicely on a shelf with other bands like Wild Nothing and Fear of Men.”


1. We Got It From Here by A Tribe Called Quest

The album artwork is awful.This being said, the drop of this album at the end of this past week was monumental for so many Americans. It also contributed to one of the most solid Saturday Night Live episodes in recent memory. There is a level of maturity in this album that is hard to reach without digging deep into the best of a musician’s talent and experience. Considering the four musicians and star-studded features list, this album is nothing short of a sober look at a reality that few artists ever get a chance to convey before they begin to chase the authenticity that they once had. Again, there are some incredible features on this albums (e.g. Jack White), but the listener won’t notice them. Raw emotion outshines anything extra. Consider this a Blackstar tribute to the Five-foot Assassin himself, Phife Dog. R.I.P.

Rank Artist Recording Label User Supplied Version
1 A TRIBE CALLED QUEST * We Got It From Here * * waiting for CMJ verification
2 ABLEBODY Adult Contemporaries Lolipop
3 BLIND SHAKE Celebrate Your Worth Goner
4 DEVIN FRANK The Vanishing Blues Cartouche
5 ITASCA Open To Chance Paradise of Bachelors

TOP 200 Charts

Rank Artist Recording Label User Supplied Version
1 DANNY BROWN Atrocity Exhibition Warp
2 GTA Good Times Ahead Warner Bros.
3 BON IVER 22, A Million Jagjaguwar
4 GROWLERS City Club
6 STRFKR Being No One, Going Nowhere Polyvinyl
7 FUTURE GENERATIONS Future Generations Frenchkiss
8 A TRIBE CALLED QUEST * We Got It From Here * * waiting for CMJ verification
9 CHAIN WALLET Chain Wallet Jansen Plateproduksjon
10 PHANTOGRAM Three Republic
11 KRIEF Automanic Culvert
12 JAGAJA Jagaja
13 VEILS Total Depravity Nettwerk
14 ABLEBODY Adult Contemporaries Lolipop
15 DEAD GAZE Easy Travels Ernest Jenning
16 THOM SONNY GREEN High Anxiety Canvasback
17 BEACH SLANG A Loud Bash Of Teenage Feelings Polyvinyl
18 BEACH BABY No Mind No Money Island
19 SNEAKS Gymnastics Merge
20 CHEAP TREASURE Natural Self-Released
21 SU NA Surface [EP] Self-Released
22 NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS Skeleton Tree Kobalt
24 JULIA JACKLIN Don’t Let The Kids Win Polyvinyl
25 DEVIN FRANK The Vanishing Blues Cartouche
26 BLIND SHAKE Celebrate Your Worth Goner
27 ITASCA Open To Chance Paradise of Bachelors
28 CAVEMAN Otero War Cinematic
29 CRX New Skin Columbia
30 PASCAL PINON Sundur Morr

* indicates information which has not yet been verified by CMJ staff.