Psychin’ Roll at the Replay

Replay Lounge hosted a show with Condor and Jaybird from Illinois, Rupert Angeleyes from Minnesota, and Arc Flash from right here in Lawrence this last Friday the 18th. Heaps of people joined in song and dance for a psychedelic rock experience of variety within and a handful of very talented musicians. While rock and roll took over the inside of The Replay, the outdoor patio had a huge bonfire going where many people were dancing to a DJ set and drinking the freezing cold night on. The Replay was set up with the promise of a stupendous night and the night did not let us down.

Arc Flash opened the show with a rendezvous of sights and sounds transferred through electrical currents into the much amplified audience. The delight in the oddity and the oddity in the music had all of the hall grooving and banging along with James Thomblison, vocalist and blue light guitarist, and Mark Flash Rockwell, drummer. The two have recently been on tour and this was a rocking welcome home as people did enjoyably groove, but not as hard as at an alternate venue, such as a house show. One of the most interesting parts of the set, which appears to be a newer being was the rendition of ‘Tuff’ which was played as the last song. The beginning of the song, which is already made to be a quicker part of the song itself, was played extremely quick, possibly double time, and as the song transferred into the slower section, they slowed it down completely as it just inched and glided along. The dynamic of these strong and opposing tempos back and forth and back again was truly an intriguing and amplifying way to close their show. Glad to have had these guys back in Kansas for another captivating performance.

This was the first time I had ever seen Rupert Angeleyes and it was a pleasantly surprising experience. The eccentric outfits, top hat and sparkly jacket included, had me in the Angeleyes trance immediately. A dash of some spooky sounding synth noises, a load of psychedelic rock noise, spiced on top was a lovely voice which took it down beautifully and then brought it all the way back up to the extremes of screams. The songs themselves were so free through the entirety as they grew and altered in unexpected ways. I would completely recommend listening to Rupert Angeleyes and checking out their entrancing artistic presence.

Condor and Jaybird enchanted the room and took us all to a rocking and rolling fantasy land with their interestingly enchanting instrumentals and harmonies. Sure to perk your ear drums up and out of the head, the music they play does not allow one to place a so called, ‘genre’ upon it. It is about the music and it comes from the music, lifted off on a journey through many different, and at times surprising, instrumental phases. Not only that, but band members Connor, Jeramie, Jake and Bryson are whole-heartedly loving as they always make it a point in live performance to welcome you to the show, to the grooving, and into the music. The four are on tour as we speak and Lawrence was glad to have a place in the tour dates as the band expressed how close they felt to home here. With a room full of people that absolutely love them, jumping for joy to the music, it was a vibrantly welcoming show for everyone in the room.

The Replay is always a good time when the room is packed, energy is good, and people are dancing to the exhilarating music of those who performed. Check out Replay Lounge for more music experiences, pinball machines, and karaoke, only in Lawrence.