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The Seshen: Flames & Figures

CS3157907-02A-BIGThe Seshen is an electronic R&B fusion group from San Francisco, California. Their music has an 80s flair while retaining a modern edge. Their album, Flames & Figures, was a sensational auditory rollercoaster. The cover art alone drew me in. Lalin St. Juste (lead singer of the band) posed in front of a baby pink background while showcasing her fabulous afro and profile proudly. The pink and teal color scheme of the album communicates feelings of life and youth. There wasn’t a track that I found drab or repetitive on the album. I saw this to be a great achievement because electronic music has a tendency to get repetitive if the composer is not careful. The tracks that stood out to me were: “Flames & Figures”, “Periphery”, “Spectacle” and “All I Know”. At some points in the album, there seemed to be an ethereal/otherworldly vibe going on; it definitely added a sense of uniqueness to their tracks. The vocals are smooth like silk and glide over the undulating melodies and harmonies. It’s simply a delight that The Seshen has Flame & Figures to offer to the ever growing music scene. It’s fresh, fast paced and simply incomparable to anything that I’ve ever listened to.

Recommended If You Like: FKA Twigs, Solange, Santigold
Recommended Tracks: 6 (Flames & Figures), 10 (Periphery), 3 (Spectacle), 12 (All I Know)
Do Not Play: none
Written by Tabitha Moore on 11/27/2016