Battery Tour KC

Battery Tour Charging Up Kansas City

Musicians use their art as an outlet, but for Christian Robinson and AY, their “outlet” has a double meaning. Between the two Kansas City natives, their energy is channeled into Battery Tour, a new form of live entertainment that we’ve never seen before.

13653255_481594008714895_5584473039002867314_oAY-Musik is a rap artist who got his start in music six years ago on the X Factor. Christian touts his singing voice, dance skills and knowledge of the greats, like Prince and Michael Jackson. These two are combining their strengths and love for the people to start Battery Tour’s success from the bottom up.

You may have seen them feeding that energy right back to the Country Club Plaza where they bring their art to the streets for six to 10 hours at a time. Between the singing, dancing and a crowd full of people partying along with them, nobody knows where the night is going to take them.

“We create the music, but Battery Tour is a platform to elevate the people, ” said AY.

The boys have their KC pride, but hit the road to tour Los Angeles this winter to promote their new album, Battery Tour Tapes Volume 1, available to download for free on their website. So while Battery Tour is going to find new batteries to get charged up in LA, plug in at to find out more.

You can listen to the full story and interview with the duo below: