Hang is the fourth studio album from indie duo, Foxygen, acting as their follow up to …And Star Power (2014). At the heart of it, this is Foxygen. A bold sound that is heavily rooted in classic-rock, and long-time fans will find it very recognizable. What sets this record apart from their others is that it features a forty-piece symphony orchestra, as listed in the liner notes. Running just over thirty minutes, Hang has its moments that will remind you of why you listen to Foxygen in the first place, but also struggles at times, making it worth a listen but weaker than their previous work.
The album opens with “Follow The Leader”, a punchy tune that will get you moving with the beat and sets the record off on a good start. Following is “Avalon” which gives you the first taste of the orchestra featured on the LP. Although not initially one of my favorites, I found that this track seemed to get catchier each time I listened to it. Next is my favorite song on the album, “Mrs. Adams”. It is more experimental and has many parts, reminding me of one of my favorite artists, Ariel Pink. The second half of the record is where I kinda lost interest, with “On Lankershim” being the one exception. With hints of country, I would put it as the catchiest tune that Hang has to offer.
As a whole, Hang is good. It has a couple memorable tracks, but also feels like its missing an element. The forty-piece symphony orchestra compliments their music nicely, but having been done so many times before by bands such as The Beatles and Moody Blues, it felt a bit cliché. Although well worth a listen, I foresee myself going back to songs from …And Star Power or We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic nine out of ten times.

Recommended If You Like: The Beatles, Ariel Pink, The Moody Blues
Recommended Tracks: 5 (On Lankershim), 3 (Mrs. Adams), 1 (Follow The Leader), 2 (Avalon)
Do Not Play: None
Written by MacConnell Wilson on 02/02/2017

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