John Wesley Coleman III: Microwave Dreams

This spacey, indie number produces the Austinite teenage-angst that comes so fruitfully from the city. Songs like “Jesus Never Went to Junior High” and others on the album are drug-fueled stories set to acoustic jam sessions. Towards the end of the album, the indie classics start to come out with songs embodying growing up in the hot southern sun, and a dissonant guitar strums along in perfect beat. If you like Wilco, you’ll definitely enjoy this album.

Recommended If You Like: Wilco, Dead Milkmen, Dinosaur Jr,
Recommended Tracks: 3 (Hang Tight), 7 (Exotic Tambourine)
Do Not Play: 1 (Shovel), 4 (Jesus Never Went to Junior High)
Written by TJ Duncan on 02/02/2017

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